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Sagging Ceiling

Reasons Your Ceiling Is Sagging

Five Reasons Your Ceiling is Sagging Whether the cracks appeared overnight or it has gradually crept in, a sagging or cracked ceiling is not something to be taken lightly. Small spidery cracks can become large cavernous holes if left untreated. Cracks...
Water Damaged Ceiling - Ceiling Repair Perth

Water Damaged Ceiling

How to Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling

Water can find its way through pretty much anything, making it a serious threat, especially when it comes to your home. If you notice a strange discolouration or worse, a sagging ceiling, then you can be certain that water is leaking into your home and...
Cracked Ceiling Perth - Ceiling Repair Perth

Cracked Ceiling

What Cracks in the Ceiling Really Mean

Do you have cracks in your ceiling? Find out if the cause is simply cosmetic, or if you're facing a structural issue that needs immediate attention by a professional ceiling repair company. Q: I just noticed a crack in my ceiling, but I’m not sure how...
Why Should I Hire a Professional to Repair my Ceiling?


Why Should I Hire a Professional to Repair my Ceiling?

If you are a person that likes do-it-yourself projects, then it is likely that you enjoy working on repairs around the home. This is understandable- it helps save you labor costs, and there is that feeling of triumphant once you finish a project, and...
Signs it's time to replace a ceiling


Signs it’s time to replace your ceiling

You are unlikely to think much about your roof and ceiling until something happens and draws your attention to it. For instance, you may experience a leak, which eventually you will have to repair. If this is the case with you, then do not wait until...


Main Cause of Cracked Ceilings

Your home is your biggest investment. It’s probably your largest purchase, ever, and you want to keep it strong and safe for a really long time, right? So you’re probably already aware of that crack going through your living room ceiling…and wondering...
Cracked Ceilings - Ceiling Repair Perth


How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Ceiling in Perth?

Homeowners pay an average of $737 to repair a ceiling. Project costs typically range from $332 and $1,141. A professional will charge $60 to $90 per hour to make repairs. He/she will provide the project materials and include those...
Cracked Ceilings - Ceiling Repair Perth


The Real Meaning of Cracks in the Ceiling

Does this sound like you: "I have recently noticed cracks in my ceiling, but I am unsure whether it's as a result of an ageing house or sinister structural issues that demand immediate attention.”? Ageing houses are bound to develop cracks, but usually,...
ceiling replacement - ceiling repair perth


How to Repair Damaged Plaster Ceilings

Has water damaged your plaster ceiling? Not sure of what to do? We can help, keep scrolling to find out.  In older, historic buildings, the inevitable and often visible cracks will appear in your plaster ceiling. And not only in older buildings but...