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Unmatched Cornice Repair Service in Perth

Do you have cracked, damaged, or partially attached cornices hanging from your ceiling? Ceiling cornices are decorative or plain moldings that bring out the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling. Also, they serve a functional purpose by covering up those ugly imperfect finishes where the ceiling meets the wall.

Broken cornices aren't pleasing on the eyes; they are a big turn off, especially if you are the affluent type, as most Perth residents are. But other than the unpleasant viewing of damaged cornices, there is a safety issue as well. At any given moment, partially attached cornices can fall from your roof and seriously injure you or a family member. That said, how do you go about fixing your broken or damaged cornices?

The solution is simple, repair. Replacing damaged cornices isn't cheap; it can cost an arm and a leg. That said, if you are on a tight budget, your most affordable option would be to repair them. However, if you can afford to replace them, do so by all means.

But where do you find a professional company that does ceiling cornice repairs in Perth? Repairing ceiling cornices is an intricate job, and it requires a certain level of experience and skill set.

Many companies in Perth Western Australia offer ceiling cornice repairs. But most of the time, they don't have the expertise and skill set to do the job right the first time. That said, where do you find a company to do your cornice repairs? Keep on reading to find out.

Ceiling Repair Perth Does What Other Companies Won't!

If you were wondering where to find a reliable, affordable, customer-friendly company to do your cornice repairs, your wandering stops here, meet "Ceiling Repair Perth," a team of experts in the ceiling cornice repair industry. In this industry, we have over twenty years of experience repairing cornices for homeowners in Perth.

We take our job seriously, and our mantra has always been " customers come first." With that being the case, we thrive on giving our customers the best experience possible, further, as a true sign of our proficiency and commitment to our customers. We have completed, on time, thousands of projects, and with thousands of customers still doing business with us.

What makes "Ceiling Repair Perth" so different from other companies?

Glad you asked, when you hire us to do your cornice repairs, here's what the interaction looks like. Once you agree on what you want, we will send a team of specialists who would first assess the area to determine what caused the damage of your cornices and whether the site presents an immediate safety risk. Once this is all cleared, and we have highlighted and resolved any other underlying issues. Our team then goes to work while keeping you in the loop every step until the project is completed.

 Moreover, whether you want to replace or repair your ceiling cornices, we are well equipped to get the job done. Our skilled team experts are versed in all types of designs. If you are the stylish type who admires beauty, we have something for you, or, if you want traditional ceiling cornices, we'd be more than happy to fulfill your desires.

Some of the Different Types of Ceiling Cornices We Work With

When it comes to ceiling cornices, you have a wide variety of options in terms of materials. For example, the common ones are plaster, timber, glass-reinforced concrete, gypsum, paper-covered gypsum, medium density fiberboard (MBF), polyurethane, and POP. The following is a more in-depth explanation of the different types of materials used to make ceiling cornices.

Plaster – Plaster cornices are delicate and require exceptional care when installing, the materials used to make plaster cornices are cement, gypsum, or lime.

Gypsum – This type of cornice is very interesting, it's made of a mineral found in mines, and it can dissolve in water and shaped into whatever design you desire.

GRC – If you are the affluent type, you will love GRC cornices, in addition to being made from a lightweight and very strong material that offers a smooth finish in white or pigmented. GRC is super easy to install and works well with any design. And it's worth mentioning that GRC is made with a mixture of water, sand, glass fibers, and cement.

Timber – Among one of the most popular materials used for cornices is wood. With timber, you can get any design of cornice you desire, however, cornices made from wood are very expensive, but you can afford it, then why not, it gives you bang for the buck.

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FAQ's About Ceiling Replacement

Below we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions about cornice repair and installation in Perth.

It depends on two things, the material used and the complexity of the design. That said, the prices of cornices in Perth are between $4 to $16 per linear meter.

Design, type of cornice, and the scale of the job are generally the main factors that will affect the price of cornice ceiling repair and installation.

For minor ceiling repairs, it will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, but where replacement is concerned, this can take an entire day. That said, if the project’s size is extensive, it may take a team of professionals two days to complete.

Experienced and possess the necessary skill sets, use the right tools and materials, save you money and from frustration, produce better results, produce long-lasting ceiling repairs, and much more.

Ceiling Repair Perth

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We have a 100% success rate in repairing and painting all plaster damage on your wall or ceiling so that it can’t be seen that the damage was ever there. This includes professional on site paint colour matching, ensuring an undetectable finish, every time.

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“ Excellent Service ”

Ceiling repair Perth perform excellent service, arrive on time, clean up most satisfactorily, and it was a pleasure to see such an excellent group. Larry was so professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Shermone Dyer

“ Breath of fresh air ”

This company is a breath of fresh air. Appointments were kept to the minute. Larry and Rusty are both so courteous and professional. The job was done in a very timely fashion. Am very happy with this company.

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Amazing people and great company, they were very neat and clean. They did a complete ceiling repair for our house. And we are very happy!!

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These guys are unbelievable! I went through with a lot of contractors, but Ceiling Repair Perth is simply the BEST at any aspects - QUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY, PRICE!!

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Ceiling Repair Perth has my unequivocal endorsement. I was out of town but the boys was able to send me photos to show his excellent work.

Duncan Wong

We are available 7 days a week

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