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We always put our customers first and foremost above all else!

We’re known as the best ceiling and wall repair company in Perth because we always put our customers first and foremost above all else!

Your home is personal to you, and you have that perfect vision of how you want it to look. We’re here to help you achieve it. Our team will always listen to your thoughts and concerns along the way and will help find the best method of reaching the end goal that leaves your home looking fantastic.

Smooth Surfaces Are No Issue

When you want an experienced team that will ensure that the patched-up portion of ceiling is indistinguishable from the rest, we’re here to assist you!
We’ll first check to ensure there’s no pipes, wires, or studs in the area to be concerned about before even getting started, as well as determining how far the damage reaches through the ceiling overall. The harmed portion of the drywall will be removed completely, and the new piece of appropriate thickness will be measured and cut to size.
Once the new piece is secured into place with drywall screws, we’ll use our specialized compound to smooth over the joints and screws. It’ll be all finished after a prime and paint!

We Fix Textured Ceilings Too

While they take a bit more time and attention to repair than smooth ceilings, our team will take care of it just as easily for you and quickly as well.
We’ll scrape and remove the textured paint from the area so it won’t wind up mismatched afterward before taking out the damaged part of the ceiling.
After the spot is replaced with a new piece, we’ll then use a textured sleeve paint roller to finish up.

FAQ's About Ceiling Repair

In terms of a per square metre rate, expect to pay anywhere from:

  • $70 per square metre for hard plaster 

  • $45 to $90 per square metre for wet plaster 

If your job is more intricate or difficult then these costs could go up to as much as $200+ per square metre. You also need to budget for other costs like travel time and materials

The average cost of repairing a damaged ceiling in Perth and some other Australian cities has been estimated at AU$2,164, with the minimum average cost at AU$150 and the maximum cost at AU$6,000. 

A variety of determinants can influence the cost of your ceiling repair job. It could be the condition of your property or your own preferences, so you should definitely pay attention to these factors to get a good estimate of how much you’ll need to shell out.

  • Size of the room – Bigger rooms require more time and materials. If you’re paying your ceiling company on an hourly basis, you can expect a higher cost for a larger property.
  • Type of ceiling – Ceilings can be classified according to style or material. There are ceiling materials that come at cheaper rates, and there are also ceiling types that are easier to install than others. Ceilings that are more difficult to install will obviously take more time to finish. In this case, you should prepare for bigger expenses.
  • Materials – Tradies may also include in their quotes the cost of materials that will be used. Plasterboard is commonly used for ceiling installation jobs. However, there are plenty of other materials that are being utilised such as wood planks, tiles, and screws.
  • Finishing touches – The addition of mouldings, cornices, textures, insulation and other features on your ceiling will also drive up the final cost.

Depending on the amount of damage to the ceiling, the typical time to repair a ceiling is around a day up to 2 days. In most cases we will need to return the next morning to sand our work ready for painting. All of our ceiling repair experts are trained and will clean after all their work.

Get high quality ceiling repair results

Professionals (like us) have the right skills and knowledge on how to perform ceiling repair. They have the right certifications and are accredited by the right authorities to do the work. In addition, we have undergone on going job training (through thousands of repair jobs) to equip ourselves with the most updated techniques used in repairing ceilings.

Attention to details

Another major benefit of hiring professionals is that we are focused on details when working on your project. When you request an estimate, we can quickly access the damage and understand its extent and the best techniques to apply during the repair process.
We will do an evaluation to understand the major cause of the ceiling damage to ensure that it does not occur again after we’ve fixed it.

Enhance safety in your home

Doing ceiling repair yourself isn’t easy as you might think. There are risks of injuries or even further damages if you try to do the work by yourself. You can reduce these risks and enhance safety in your home by hiring the professionals to do the work for you.

Ceiling Repair Perth

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We have a 100% success rate in repairing and painting all plaster damage on your wall or ceiling so that it can’t be seen that the damage was ever there. This includes professional on site paint colour matching, ensuring an undetectable finish, every time.

“ Excellent Service ”

Ceiling repair Perth perform excellent service, arrive on time, clean up most satisfactorily, and it was a pleasure to see such an excellent group. Larry was so professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Shermone Dyer

“ Breath of fresh air ”

This company is a breath of fresh air. Appointments were kept to the minute. Larry and Rusty are both so courteous and professional. The job was done in a very timely fashion. Am very happy with this company.

Jeremy Stone

“ Amazing People and Great Company ”

Amazing people and great company, they were very neat and clean. They did a complete ceiling repair for our house. And we are very happy!!

Ted Smith

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These guys are unbelievable! I went through with a lot of contractors, but Ceiling Repair Perth is simply the BEST at any aspects - QUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY, PRICE!!

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Ceiling Repair Perth has my unequivocal endorsement. I was out of town but the boys was able to send me photos to show his excellent work.

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