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Cracked Ceilings - Ceiling Repair Perth

Does this sound like you: “I have recently noticed cracks in my ceiling, but I am unsure whether it’s as a result of an ageing house or sinister structural issues that demand immediate attention.”?

Ageing houses are bound to develop cracks, but usually, these are cosmetic and aren’t something symbolic of more significant issues. Nevertheless, cracks wider than 1/8-inch are generally indicative of structural problems. That said, here are hacks on how to deal with cracks in your ceiling, whether cracks in your basement, bedroom, garage, kitchen, laundry room, or any other room in your house.

Ceiling Cracks, Causes and How to Fix Them

Type of ceiling cracks: a fine, straight line.

Cause: poorly taped joint.

Solution: apply just a small amount of compound right under the loose tape and stick it to the wall.

Type of ceiling cracks: discolored

Cause: moisture issues from water getting between the drywall panels resulting in a loosen joint tape that looks like cracks with brown stains.

Solution: re-tape the joint after you would’ve removed the loose tape. For this, you can use joint compound and paper tape.

Type of ceiling cracks: tiny spider web

Cause: when thinned drywall compound is used to create a textured ceiling, what often happens is that you may apply too much compound. And when it dries, tiny cracks that run in all different directions will appear.

Solution: sanding works fine, but the more effective way of removing these blemishes is by applying a small amount of drywall compound over the existing texture.

Type of ceiling cracks: horizontal 

Cause: Truss uplift, inexperienced contractors repairing or replacing your ceiling will often attach drywall panels to trusses right at the edge of a non-load bearing wall. Now, as the roof trusses begin to move, as it pulls upward, it will create a crack between the wall and the ceiling as a result of it lifting the ceiling drywall as it moves upward.

Solution: Hire a professional to remove the screws or nails that joint the edge of the drywall panel to the trusses. The team of ceiling experts will then reattach them to clips affixed at the top of the interior wall plates.

Type of cracks: large 

Cause: sagging, when a ceiling sags it is indicative of a serious structural problem that warrants your immediate attention. Usually, the accumulation of water in the ceiling will weaken the roof and cause it to sag.

Solution: call in a ceiling repair and replacement specialist.

Safety Tips and Measures When Attempting to Repair Cracks in Ceiling

If you are a DIY type of person and you have the experience and skill sets to repair cracks in your ceiling, then do it. However, you want to make sure you follow the recommended safety measures to ensure you do not expose yourself to health risks.

Wear a safety spectacle

Plaster dust is alkaline, and when it floats around in the atmosphere; it can get into your eyes and irritate them. The best way to prevent this from happening is to wear a safety spectacle.

Wear a dust mask

We highly recommend that you wear a mask when you are undertaking the repairs on your ceiling. The last thing you want to do is to inhale whatever dust that will be present in the atmosphere as you clean out cracks and sand down the surface areas. 

Protective gloves

It would be best if you avoided as much as possible plasters with alkaline nature. Alkaline plasters are notorious for irritating the skin. Avoid them where possible, and always wear protective gloves.

Avoid exposed electrical cables.

We don’t need to reiterate that the plaster aspect of ceiling is a wet trade. And ideally, you want to avoid touching any exposed electrical cables. Whether it’s light ceiling fittings or cutting cables with metal towels, be careful.

Keep the room ventilated 

Especially when there is a lot of dust built-up in the atmosphere. The best to do is to open a few windows or doors. If this isn’t possible, then leave the room for a while until all the dust has subsided.

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