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Does this describe you? There is a room in your house that you have been itching to paint. Every time you visit your local hardware store, you have stared with desperate longing at the paint swatches. You have even envisioned putting up new wall hangings and furniture. But, there's a problem, something is preventing you from fulfilling your desires.

Your drywall: you have got on your hand a damaged wall or ceiling that you are wondering how to address. It's cracked, warped, stained, or dented. It's perhaps in a small area of the room, but one thing for sure, you should not apply paint over it.

Always Repair or Replace Drywall Before You Paint

Have you ever had an open wound that you tried to put a band-aid over? How did it work out? We are certain it did not relieve the pain. And that's what painting over damaged drywall is; it doesn't make any sense whatsoever because the problem remains, it isn't fixed. In fact, if your idea is just to hide the damage, this won't work. The first thing you need to do is to diagnose the cause of your damaged drywall before you can do anything else.

 That said, when your drywall is replaced or repaired properly, you will have a peace of mind because you know that there are no more underlying issues with your drywall or ceiling.

Common Wall Issues

Wall problem is an issue the average homeowner will have to cope with at some point. While a handful of homeowners may be able to address their drywall problems, it will prove challenging for the average homeowner to rectify. You are better off hiring an expert to do the job for you because repairing and replacing drywalls is time-consuming and you must always pay very close attention to details. Otherwise, you will cause structural damages, jagged and a clumsy appearance to your wall. That said, here are some of the many factors that can damage your drywall. 

  • Water damage: we are sure you have seen those ugly looking brown stains; leaking pipes probably caused it. When left unaddressed, water damage will undermine the architectural integrity of your drywall and is known for creating health hazards. That said, once the cause has been diagnosed, repair or replaced, then you can move on to painting.
  • Holes: you might be surprised to know, but holes in drywall is a big issue for homeowners. Accidents happen, and someone or something can quite easily, and forcefully slam into the wall, leaving a small or worrying puncture behind. 
  • Loose drywall tape:  This doesn't happen very often, but the tape between drywall sections tends to become loose at times. When this happens, it cracks and peels in long strips. The cause for this usually stems from an excess of humidity or, or even faulty installation. Regardless of what caused it or not, it damages the paint and warrants your attention.
  • Wear and tear: Whether it's swinging doors, furniture scuffs resulting from careless furniture handling, or involuntary accidents, drywall takes its fair share of wear and tear.
  • Popping nails: When nails aren't securely affixed to joints, they will often pop through from the drywall.

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Why You Need Professionals to Handle Your Wall Repairs and Replacement

Except you are a skilled and certified jack-of-all-trades, drywall repair is not your typical DIY job. We highly recommend soliciting the service of your local professionals. Why? Because you want experts that will…

  • Do an in-depth analysis of the damaged area
  • Complete and proper disposal of all old material
  • Smart use of fasteners, putty, metal patches, and seam tape as needed
  • Seamlessly repair and install new drywall
  • Accurately cut places for electrical fixtures
  • Thoroughly sand, prime, and paint the newly installed drywall

More than just a Professional Drywall Repair Company

Ceiling Repair Perth is much more than a professional wall repair company. We are also a drywall replacement company, and our drywall is durable and endure for a long time. We cater for jobs of any magnitude, no matter the size of the project, whether big or small, we can handle it. If you're looking for a trustworthy, dependable and experienced wall repair company in Perth that is budget-friendly, and always on time, you can depend on us.

 We are committed and devoted to providing our customers with the best possible wall repair service. And it does not matter whether your drywall has cracks, holes, or water damage, you can contact us

Our Wall Repair Services in Perth

When you hire Ceiling Repair Perth, you are getting a full experience of our service. We don't only repair and replace drywall, but we paint the repaired wall to blend in with the rest of the wall in the room. If you don't know the exact paint color that matches the original wall texture, our specialists get it done for you. Here's a sneak-peak of some of the repairs we do.

  • We do drywall repairs for small holes. These holes usually don't require extensive repairs; in this case, our team of experts will use a filler material to fill the hole and then paint it. 
  • We do drywall repairs for medium to large holes. These holes will require extensive repairs, and in this case, our team of professionals will first analyze the damage before we start our repairs.
  • We do complete drywall replacement. In some cases, the damage to your wall might be extensive enough, and it warrants a replacement. In this case, we will replace the entire damaged wall, then add the taping, mudding and sanding to it. 
  • We Do Painting. In whatever color you desire, our team will paint your wall to your satisfaction.

And it's reiterating that Ceiling Repair Perth don't only do the necessary repairs, but also, we will utilize means to pinpoint what caused the drywall damage. Then once we identify why and how the damage was caused, we implement measures to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.

Premium Wall Finishing

We hate being clumsy, it's just not in our DNA. That said, we have distinguished ourselves from other companies because of our ability to deliver premium finishes. The whole process of repair and replacement of drywall is a delicate one, but more so when it comes to applying the finishing touches. Ceiling Repair Perth is an expert in this industry, and we can give you a professional, seamless, and aesthetic display throughout your home. To give you the finest of drywall finishes, here are some of the things we pay attention to:

  • Drywall mudding
  • Drywall sanding
  • Drywall seam/joint taping

More than just drywall repair and replacement

Another unique quality of Ceiling Repair Perth is our commitment to give you the best experience possible. Let's say your drywall has been damaged because of poor ventilation. We will inspect your bathroom to see if there is an issue there and if you should install a better ventilation system.

FAQ's About Ceiling Replacement

Below we've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about ceiling installation.

The price will vary based on the size of the wall repairs and the materials used to complete the job. That said, in terms of a per square meter rate, the average is between $45 to $90.

Please note that the scope of the wall repairs will ultimately determine the prices. For example, a more intricate job will fetch up to $200 per square meter.

There are many factors that may determine the final cost of wall repairs, but most of it has to do with preference. However, here are some of the leading factors that might affect the price of wall installation.

  • Size of the wall
  • Type of wall 

Finals finish to the wall

Depending on the size of the job, level of finish and framing needs, it can take a professional less than 24 hours or as long as two weeks. Again, this depends on the scope of the project.

Repairing or installing drywall can be a DIY job, but only if you have the skillset, experience, tools and patience to finish the job. It’s far better if you hire a professional company to undertake your wall repair and installation project. And with that, here are a few of many benefits of hiring a professional for your wall repairs. 

  • They will thoroughly complete your project.
  • Professionals will come with their tools, no need for you to buy any
  • Professionals will get the job done fast
  • Experience and skill sets
  •  Perfect finishes
  • Long-lasting repairs
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We have a 100% success rate in repairing and painting all plaster damage on your wall or ceiling so that it can’t be seen that the damage was ever there. This includes professional on site paint colour matching, ensuring an undetectable finish, every time.

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“ Excellent Service ”

Ceiling repair Perth perform excellent service, arrive on time, clean up most satisfactorily, and it was a pleasure to see such an excellent group. Larry was so professional, friendly and knowledgeable.

Shermone Dyer

“ Breath of fresh air ”

This company is a breath of fresh air. Appointments were kept to the minute. Larry and Rusty are both so courteous and professional. The job was done in a very timely fashion. Am very happy with this company.

Jeremy Stone

“ Amazing People and Great Company ”

Amazing people and great company, they were very neat and clean. They did a complete ceiling repair for our house. And we are very happy!!

Ted Smith

“ These guys are unbelievable ”

These guys are unbelievable! I went through with a lot of contractors, but Ceiling Repair Perth is simply the BEST at any aspects - QUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY, PRICE!!

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Ceiling Repair Perth has my unequivocal endorsement. I was out of town but the boys was able to send me photos to show his excellent work.

Duncan Wong

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